Cole2k Media Codec Pack

8.0.6 Advanced

Don't your music or film files play properly? Download Cole2k Media Codec Pack for free, a complete pack of codecs and filters to avoid this happening


Codec and filter pack to play any video or audio file

March 23, 2019
6 / 10

Windows just installed, your favorite film just ripped, and the audio/video player doesn't even understand what you are asking it to do. Sometimes playing a video or audio can become a nightmare due to the fact that we don't have the proper codecs. But you can use Cole2k Media Codec Pack to solve this problem.

All the codecs necessary to play video and audio

This complete codec pack allows us to install up to 30 codecs on our system, so that DivX, XviD, Matroska (with MDK extension) or MP3 can be played or can improve the playback compared to the very few codecs that Windows includes by default.

Furthermore, this pack includes several tools to optimize the playback and to transcode the files, as well as shortcuts to the configuration applications for each codec, even though they are usually perfectly configured when first installed.

Among the complementary tools that are included, we will find Gspot, that will allow us to view the kind of coding of any audio and video file in the strange case that it can't be played, or VSFilter, to be able to read subtitles.

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