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AC3Filter is a control tool for the AC3 audio codec. Keep track of the gain, the audio saturation, multichannel output... Download AC3Filter for free


Take control of the best audio codec for films

March 10, 2020
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Many compressed digital audio formats have become popular due to the fact that they offer the users great sound quality, without using a lot of space on the hard drive, something that is very practical when it comes to sharing all kinds of files on the Internet.

AC3 is another very popular audio format, but in this case, its fame is due to the fact that it is the codec with which many MKV and DivX movies are usually encoded because it allows multichannel audio, something that was unthinkable of when ripping a DVD before it appeared.

Control your AC3 audio codec

The program with which we can take control of the AC3 audio played on our computer is ACFilter, a simple tool with which we can configure the sound gain and distribution for each output (including the subwoofer), establish a filter to avoid saturation in some frequencies or activate our sound cards SPDIF digital output, with which we will manage a greater playback quality.

The program's interface is very clear because each configuration section is separated by means of tabs, something that makes it very easy to browse between parameters.

If you want to take control of everything that refers to play AC3 format files, don't doubt in downloading AC3Filter right now.

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