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Not all heroes are born heroes. In Almost a Hero you will have to help some extremely inept characters to become warriors and to fight against the bad guys

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Idle clickers, the games which just carry on when the game is not even open, are on the rise and there are plenty of them around with dozens of objectives: become a millionaire, construct buildings, manage the underworld, steal souls, be god, run a supermarket – any excuse is good enough to just keep tapping the screen.

Almost a Hero is an RPG along these lines and is a game where you will find some colorful, well-drawn and fun graphics. However, it is also a game where you get to enjoy a storyline that is a bit different from the usual, run-of-the-mill storylines. We all know the tale of the hero saving the world. However, here you are not going to find any real heroes, just a bunch of useless and inept characters, who you will have to teach to battle goblins, orcs, giants and all kinds of monsters, whose only goal is to destroy the world.

Main features

  • You will be able to unlock a range of game modes: adventures, time portals, against the clock, etc.
  • There are all kinds of fun characters: an elf archer, a lard-ass, a thief, a decrepit old guy, a time traveler, etc.
  • The game allows you to manage the match’s stats.
  • Players have to improve their ‘heroes’ bit by bit, with the money they accumulate.
  • The match and the battles will keep advancing, even when you are not playing.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Bee Square Games
This year
This year
114 MB

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