Atelier Resleriana


Atelier Resleriana is a Japanese RPG featuring turn-based combat and anime graphics where we must explore dungeons, upgrade our characters, and create teams


A new adventure in the Atelier series full of alchemy and strategic combats

May 14, 2024
8 / 10

Atelier Resleriana for PC is a beautiful JRPG offering an immersive, action-packed story. Its combats follow a turn-based tactical battle system based on the action timeline, where we will use all kinds of magical abilities and our best strategies to face all different enemies.

A beautiful story starring a girl in search of answers that will guide her to her destiny

Atelier Resleriana stands out for its impressive cinematics and high-quality graphics that help us completely immerse ourselves in the story while enjoying the design of the scenarios, characters, and enemies, creating a visual experience worthy of an anime.

Atelier Resleriana's gaming experience feels like watching an anime.

As for the combat system, it offers us the possibility of choosing whether we want to play or leave it on automatic, it also has adjustable speed and the animations in combat are impressive.

When you download Atelier Resleriana, you will also be able to enjoy its different game modes, which include:

  1. Story Mode: We explore the plot of Resleriana to discover the secrets of the Forgotten Alchemy.
  2. Training Missions: We improve skills and strategies in combat.
  3. Campaign Mode: We participate in challenges to explore new areas and obtain rewards.
  4. Fabrication Mode: We create alchemical objects and potions by synthesizing ingredients.

In short, Atelier Resleriana promises hours of fun and entertainment for all players looking for an adventure game full of magic, drama, and action.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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