The best RPGs for PC

There’s life beyond LoL and WoW. Discover some of the best RPG and MMORPG titles on the market thanks to our collection of role-playing games for PC

Fallout 4 English

A new installment of the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout

League of Legends - LOL 14.4 English

One of the most succesful MOBAs in the world

Undertale English

The RPG in which you won't have to kill anyone

Elden Ring English

Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin join forces on an RPG

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim English

A Mythical ARPG Whose Magic Remains Intact

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot English

Amazing action and role-playing game based on Dragon Ball Z

Persona 3 Reload 2-feb-2024 English
Persona 3 Reload 2-feb-2024

The fantastic remake of Persona 3

Hero's Land 4.2.9 English

Survival MMO with PvP and PvE elements

Diablo 3 English

Third instalment of the Diablo saga

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 4.04 English

RPG set in a dark fantasy world

Heroes of Might and Magic V English

Dominate turn-based strategy and go all the way with your heroes

Fallout 76 English
Fallout 76

Survive in the West Virginia Wasteland with Fallout 76

Diablo English

Relive the great adventures of Sanctuary

Dota 2 7.21d English
Dota 2 7.21d

Choose your hero in one of the best MOBAs

Fallout: New Vegas English

A new adventure in the Fallout universe but in New Vegas

Five Nights at Freddy’s World English

A weird FNaF spin-off

Monster Hunter: World 15.20.00 English

An open-world role-playing and action game

Baldur's Gate 3 English
Baldur's Gate 3

Turn-based tactical RPG based on Dungeons & Dragons

Heroes of Newerth 4.7.2 English

Free 5v5 RPG MOBA game

Pokémon GO 0.317.0 English
Pokémon GO 0.309.1

Catch Pokémons on your PC

Temtem English

Collect weird creatures in a fantasy world

Hades English

Action and dungeon-based role-playing game set in the Greek mythological world

TibiaBot NG 5.1.0 English

Make sure your Tibia game is going full steam ahead

World of Warcraft 10.2.6 English

Try out the most popular MMORPG in the world

Diablo IV 1.2.2b English
Diablo IV 1.2.2b

The most recent installment of the famous Diablo game franchise

Gacha Club 1.1.12 English

Create and customize your characters and send them into battle

Metin2 English

An online RPG based on an Oriental world of fantasy

Mass Effect English

The best sequences from the science fiction role-playing game

SilkRoad Online 1.635 English

Face powerful enemies while you travel along the Silk Road

Pokemon Global Revolution 0.9.0 English

Take on the role of a real Pokémon trainer

Oblivion Game of The Year Edition English
Oblivion Game of The Year Edition

Free the Tamriel Empire from the demon invasion

Sea of Stars 1.0.48412 English
Sea of Stars 1.0.48412

Retro RPG featuring high-resolution pixel art

Genshin Impact 4.5 English

Epic RPG that takes place in an open world

DC Universe Online English

Play with your favorite DC Comics characters

Trails of Cold Steel: NW 1.3.1 English

RPG game set in The Legend of Heroes series

Mass Effect Legendary Edition jun-07-2021 English

A remastered collection of the Mass Effect saga featuring the three main installments

Legend of Mushroom 3.0.18 English

RPG with idle and clicker mechanics starring a mushroom

Risen English

Investigate the secrets of Faranga Island

Starfield 1.10.31 English
Starfield 1.10.31

Science fiction role-playing game

Tales of Arise English

A JRPG that's as beautiful as it is intense

PokeOne English

Live new Pokémon adventures

Arcania: Gothic 4 English

A new instalment of one of the best role-playing game sagas

Honkai: Star Rail 2.2.0 English

Board the Astral Express and get ready to live hundreds of adventures around the galaxy

Diablo 2 English

Face the evil forces in this role-playing action video game

Last Chaos English

Make the most of the Iris continent in this brilliant MMORPG

Summoners War: Sky Arena 8.3.4 English

Turn-based tactical role-playing game

Kingdom: The Blood 0.23.14 English

Action RPG based on Kingdom, the Netflix series

RAID: Shadow Legends 8.60.0 English

Fantasy role-playing game full of mystical creatures

Potion Permit 1.3.2 English

Simulation RPG to develop your alchemical skills

Dungeon Hunter 5 English

Fifth instalment of the Dungeon Hunters saga

Blue Archive 1.60.268947 English
Blue Archive 1.60.268947

Build a team of tough girls to take on your enemies

The Last Remnant English

An RPG full of fantasy

Gothic 2 English

Enjoy one of the most epic RPGs of all time

Valheim 0.79.10 English
Valheim 0.79.10

Viking and Norse mythology action role-playing game

Mass Effect: Andromeda English

Fourth part of the Mass Effect role-playing action series

Mass Effect 3 English

Help save the Earth from the the threat posed by the Reapers

Divinity 2: Ego Draconis English

Discover a world of Rivellon thanks to this great role playing game

Fallout 3 English

Find your father in a devastated world

Gothic 3 English

Become a real hero in this epic role-playing game

Alpha Protocol English

The most frenetic action RPG 1.5.1 English 1.5.1

Zombie roguelite starring a potato

Atelier Resleriana 1.3.0 English

A new adventure in the Atelier series full of alchemy and strategic combats

Dofus Touch 3.3.18 English
Dofus Touch 3.3.18

Multiplayer tactical fantasy game

Limbus Company 1.42.0 English

Strategy role-playing game with turn-based combat

Monster Never Cry 1.06.85 English

RPG de un antihéroe con mecánicas idles

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin English

An Action RPG that takes us back to the origins of the Final Fantasy saga

Last Epoch 1.0.2 English
Last Epoch 1.0.2

Action RPG with a top-down view

Black Clover M 1.03.069 English
Black Clover M 1.03.069

Become the strongest magician in the kingdom

DragonBall Online English

The Dragon Ball multiplayer adventure and fighting game

Torchlight 2 English
Torchlight 2

A mysterious world you'll want to explore

Order & Chaos Online English

Take part in the battle between order and chaos

Scrolls 1.12.2 English
Scrolls 1.12.2

Mojang's game based on virtual battle cards

King's Bounty: Armored Princess English

Help Princess Amelie to prevent her kingdom being destroyed

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel English
Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Overcome all the challenges you come across in the world of Ancaria

Rakion Chaos Force v1085 English

Massive online video game set in the medieval ages

Mini Soul Land: 1777 Draws 109 English

Role-playing clicker game

Firestone 8.0.0 English
Firestone 8.0.0

Idle RPG game of collecting heroes

AFK Journey 1.1.138 English
AFK Journey 1.1.137

Fantasy RPG adventure in a magical world

Final Fantasy XIV Online English

One of the most complete Final Fantasy games and a great MMO

Night Crows 1.2.6 English
Night Crows 1.0.28

MMORPG with P2E mechanics set in medieval Europe

Lost Ark English

An stunning role-playing and action game

MIR4 English

Choose your class and explore an open world full of dangers

UNITALE 2.0.1 English

Peculiar RPG with a retro design

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.23.2 English

Classic roguelike game

FreedroidRPG 1.0 English

Save the world in this RPG

Ryzom English

An MMORPG set on an ever-changing planet

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG English

The version of Gameloft's Iron Blade for PC

Dark Souls II English

The second part of the acclaimed Dark Souls

Pillars of Eternity English

Get rid of the dark forces that are chasing you

Dragon Age 2 English

Live new adventures in Kirkwall

Lost Labyrinth 5.3.1 English

An old style role playing game

King's Bounty: The Legend English

Dynamic turn-based strategy game full of action

Conquer Online v7589 English

Online RPG based on medieval Chinese legends

Runes of Magic English

Enjoy a totally free online role playing game

Overlord II English

You'll be the bad guy

Mu Online Season 18 English
Mu Online Season 18

MMORPG based on medieval fights

Knight Online World 03-07-2011 English
Knight Online World 03-07-2011

A medieval MMORPG that is worth taking into consideration

Tales of Pirates 2.0 English

Become the most dangerous pirate in the world

Tibia 11 English
Tibia 11

Online role-playing game full of fantasy

Dofus 2.54 English
Dofus 2.54

Online role-playing game suitable for all ages

MapleStory 250.3.0 English
MapleStory 250.3.0

Dive into the adventure and save the Maple World

Circus Electrique 29-09-22 English

Role-playing and management game set in a steampunk world

Athenian Rhapsody 1.0.1 English

Role-playing and adventure game with pixel graphics

Light of the Stars 1.0.21 English

Role-playing and strategy game with stellar elements

Ragnarok Origin: ROO 7.2.1 English

The direct sequel to the classic RO

Primon Legion 1.0.4 English

A game where you catch and collect prehistoric creatures

Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant 2.1.0 English

The world became a hostile place filled with hundreds of lovely girls

Wukong M 14.0.0 English
Wukong M 14.0.0

A new magical oriental adventure is about to begin

Seal M 1.8.6 English
Seal M 1.8.6

An unforgettable and endearing adventure in an enchanted world

Tales of Neverland 1.0.0 English

The evil of the Dark Queen looms over the kingdom, and you are the one chosen to defeat her

Dungeon Hunter 6 0.8.6 English

A new adventure awaits you in Valenthia

Reverse: 1999 1.0.4 English

Get ready to travel back in time and discover what is behind the "Storm"

Dragonheir: Silent Gods 0.210.269671 English

Save the world of Adenthia from the clutches of darkness

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds 2.01.014 English

The MMORPG that continues Genshin Impact

EVE Online 21.04 English
EVE Online 21.04

An MMORPG in a vast universe

Battle Breakers 1.80.1758 English
Battle Breakers 1.80.1758

A strategic role play and turn-based action game

otPokémon 22.00 English
otPokémon 22.00

An unofficial Pokémon game for PC

Eudemons Online 2337 English

Train your Eudemons to put up a fight

Phantasy Star II English

PC version of SEGA's classic role-playing adventure

Dragon Age: Inquisition Trial English

The sequel to Dragon Age is finally here

Path of Exile: The Awakening 3.2.2c English

The darkest RPG

Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.4 English

MMORPG based on Star Wars

EverQuest II English
EverQuest II

One of the best online role-playing games of all times

Driftmoon English

Discover the story of the Pendant of Life

Wizard101 English

Use magic to save Wizard City

Defender's Quest 2.0.5 English

Game that combines RPG, strategy and tower defense genres

Star Trek Online 2021. English
Star Trek Online 2021.

Explore the unknown space

Bastion English

A role-playing game with a story that will get you hooked

Stendhal 1.36 English
Stendhal 1.36

An MMORPG created using the Marauroa engine by Arianne Project

IConquerU 1.2.0 English
IConquerU 1.2.0

Live great adventures with your hero

Immortal Souls: John Turner #1 English

Get stuck into this great vampire adventure

Champions Online Free for All English
Champions Online Free for All

Beat Dr. Destroyer with your superhero in this MMORPG

Iris Online 1.1.0 English

Enjoy this massive online role-playing game

Secret of the Solstice 10.0.137a English

Live great adventures in the land of Xen

Drakensang Online English
Drakensang Online

Classic fantastic role-playing game

The Lord of the Rings Online 37.2.1 English

Live exciting adventures in Middle Earth

Dreamscape English

Try to escape from this world of dreams and return to the real world

Dungeons and Dragons Online 2600.0045 English

The classic RPG board game is now an amazing MMORPG

Zero Online 2986 English

Defend your side in the fight for the galaxy in this MMORPG

Crowns of Power 1.17.5 English

Choose a school of magic and face online fights

Egoboo 2.8.1 English
Egoboo 2.8.1

Guide your characters through a dungeon

Legend: Hand of God English

Find the 'Hand of God' in this peculiar role-playing game

Age of Conan Unchained English
Age of Conan Unchained

Video presentation of Conan the game

The Legend of Ares English

Online role-playing game with a large world to be explored

Scions of Fate English

Manga-style role-playing game

PokeMMO English

Online multiplayer Pokémon game inspired by classic titles