Lost Labyrinth


Lost Labyrinth is a role playing game with graphics that are similar to the original Zelda. Move around dungeons with your adventurer in Lost Labyrinth

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Role playing games for computer have evolved a lot over the years, many things have changed since Rogue was launched in 1980 to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or Dragon Age: Origins. Games without graphics have now evolved into great games in which it is possible to enjoy large countries that have been recreated incredibly. If you are a nostalgic and you remember the games that were based on the original Rogue, here is Lost Labyrinth.

  This game is a classic Dungeon Crawl in which the player has to choose a character and decide its features to travel around a dungeon, trying to reach as far as possible. In each level the character will have to defeat a series of monsters and avoid different traps.

  In Lost Labyrinth the player will never know what he will bump into next, because each level of the dungeon will be created randomly, thus the game offers many hours of entertainment. What's more, depending on the kind of character it will be necessary to use one kind of tactics or another.

  Therefore, if you want to enjoy playing during your free time, download Lost Labyrinth and find out how far you can get.
Döbele, Edler y Breakman
6 months ago
6 months ago
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