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Play classic role playing games once again thanks to Drakensang, an RPG title based on the popular German board game. Download Drakensang free on your PC


Classic fantastic role-playing game

April 1, 2019
7 / 10

Drakensang is an RPG based on a classic German paper and pencil board game, in which we must avenge the death of a friend. This game retakes the roots of real role-playing games, leaving those that tend towards the action genre to one side. In this case, we can choose our main character, and then begin the journey towards our objective.

A true classic RPG

You can choose between 20 different characters to complete the mission, although it is also possible to create our own player. Drakensang: The Dark Eye is developed like all classic games of this type. We must obtain information and solve different situations making use of our ability and objects that help us to increase our character's chances. Thus, we'll help him and his friends move up in level, allowing us to keep progressing through the story.

This adaptation is one of the most awaited among role-playing game fans. Good graphics and high playability complete the offer. With Drakensang, role-playing games in their purest form are back among us.

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Antony Peel