Potion Permit


Potion Permit is a captivating game that mixes simulation, RPG, and adventure, where, as an alchemist, we must take care of the health of the villagers


Simulation RPG to develop your alchemical skills

February 12, 2024
9 / 10

Potion Permit for PC is a pixel-art simulation and adventure RPG where alchemy and healing are combined into a unique adventure. Our job as Moonbury's alchemist will be to take care of the villagers and create the potions they need to treat their ailments and diseases.

Become the best alchemist Moonbury has ever seen

But that's just the beginning. The true adventure begins when we leave the village with our faithful canine companion. We must collect resources, face different forest creatures, and pay attention to our stamina to return home with everything we need to create the potions the villagers need.

Explore the wilderness to get the best ingredients for your potions.

And yet, that's only half of the things we must do to create potions, as every recipe uses unique ingredients that we'll have to arrange inside the silhouette before we can mix our potion. This little puzzle mini-game is both entertaining and challenging, as it makes us arrange the ingredients precisely to obtain the desired result.

In addition, as is usual in role-playing games, as we progress in the game, we will unlock new recipes, improve our equipment, and access new areas that will expand our adventure. In short, when we download Potion Permit, we will become the local alchemist and have many adventures while helping the villagers of Moonbury.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a paid game that offers a free demo on Steam.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10
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