Last Chaos

Take part in the fight between good and evil in Last Chaos. Discover the continent of Iris and join one of the factions by downloading Last Chaos for free


Make the most of the Iris continent in this brilliant MMORPG

August 26, 2014
7 / 10

For hundreds of years, the continent of Iris has been caught up in a war between good and evil that seems to have no end. You will have to take part in this war, in one of the rival armies (it's your choice), eliminate your enemies and gain experience points to improve your skills.

A role-playing medieval fantasy game

Last Chaos submerges us into a medieval universe with great doses of fantasy, in which we will come face to face with players from all over the planet. After choosing our character between one of the six classes (knight, healer, mage, rogue, ti, an and sorcerer) and choosing our appearance, we will be able to face different challenges, on our own or in a group.

As in the majority of MMORPGs, as we accomplish our missions we will gain experience, that will help us improve our abilities and purchase new weapons and objects with which we will be able to face even greater challenges.

Beat all your rivals in each battle and become the authentic emperor of the continent of Iris by playing Last Chaos.

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