Monster Never Cry


Monster Never Cry is an RPG with gacha dynamics that tells the story of an anti-hero in his quest to restore the lost glory of the City of Exile...


RPG de un antihéroe con mecánicas idles

June 3, 2024
8 / 10

Monster Never Cry for PC is an RPG adventure with idle mechanics and 2D graphics that focuses on the Demon Lord, an anti-hero who, after his defeat, loses his powers and needs to find a way to recover them and fulfill his mission, which is to defeat the Hero King.

Lead Your Monsters to Victory

But Monster Never Cry isn't your typical antihero story where the character seek redemption or do the right thing at any cost, but a narrative that defies the conventions of wanting to support the hero. In this title we are presented with the other side of the struggle of good against evil, that is, we will see the story told from the perspective of evil.

Monster Never Cry is a thrilling journey that challenges traditional notions and introduces us to the story of the antihero as the protagonist.

As for the dynamics of Monster Never Cry, these include:

  • Gacha System: Collect characters and items randomly.
  • Strategic Combat: Assemble your team to defeat enemies.
  • Monster Summoning: Choose powerful monsters to aid you in battle.
  • Rebuilding the City: Rebuild the City of Exile and bring back its former glory.

In short, when you download Monster Never Cry you enter an atypical story that manages to be entertaining. And while the automatic mode takes away a lot of responsibilities within the game, at the same time it allows us to focus on other components such as rebuilding the city and creating strategies to face each battle.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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