Mass Effect


Discover in this video of Mass Effect a small part of the science fiction storyline behind this role-playing game with stunning futuristic graphics

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Discover Mass Effect, the futuristic role-playing game developed by BioWare, in which you take control of Commander Shepard, an elite soldier immerse in one of the most popular intergalactic conspirations of the last years. And the truth is that Mass Effect and its different sequels have been a great success.

Save mankind

Mass Effect takes place in the year 2183. Humans have colonised part of the galaxy thanks to the discovery of Prothean technology and have managed to get in touch with alien species. The perfect context to find yourself immerse in a story of Biblical proportions.

Science fiction graphics

Live the fight between humans and machines in front row and explore outer space in Mass Effect. It is one of the most spectacular games that have ever been launched in terms of graphics. Don't miss out, download this video containing real and spectacular images that show different moments of the story, get hold of Mass Effect for Windows.

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