Take part in a war between the Inquisitor and a demon in Risen, a role-playing game with striking graphics and a really incredible story. Download Risen now

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After ending up shipwrecked on a beach on a strange Island in the land of Risen, we will find out that our gods are totally weakened and, due to this, the surface of the Island has become a dark and gloomy place, inhabited by creatures of evil that come from the temples that disappeared thousands of years ago.

  This will cause a war between the Inquisitor (that uses the people from the village as slaves) and a demon, finding ourselves in the middle of the war and trying to make sure that this stops affecting the inhabitants of Risen.

  With this story line, an impeccable graphical aspect and a playability worthy of the best role-playing games we come across Risen, an adventure where the freedom of choice will be the game's key theme, allowing us to move around at our own free will in an incredibly enormous environment.

  Around us we'll find all kinds of creatures and characters with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has been very well developed, and that will play a basic role in the game.

  Discover Risen and put the worst war ever seen in a role playing game to an end.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo version has certain limitations.
Deep Silver
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