Circus Electrique


Circus Electrique is an RPG that combines management mechanics, strategic turn-based battles, mysteries, and character development in steampunk London


Role-playing and management game set in a steampunk world

May 18, 2024
9 / 10

Circus Electrique for PC is a marvel that combines turn-based combat RPG with the management of a circus in a steampunk world full of dangers and mysteries. In this dystopian London, we must lead a group of circus performers as they discover what is behind the robots and the mind control the citizens seem to suffer.

Get ready to enjoy exciting fights and manage the circus to earn money, experience, and devotion!

The combination of genres in Circus Electrique for PC delivers an experience that evokes dungeon crawlers but integrates management mechanics. Plus, it features unique characters with their own stories and special abilities.

Circus Electrique offers a strategic complexity that makes you want to keep playing and trying combinations until you win.

Exploration is also crucial in this title, as we will be able to walk the streets of London in a sort of board game that will activate encounters and where we can get rewards. This is in addition to other elements present in Circus Electrique for PC such as:

  1. Manage resources.
  2. Improve your buildings.
  3. Recruit characters.
  4. Develop combat strategies taking into account the synergy and skills of each character.
  5. Plan circus shows taking into account the synergy of the characters.
  6. Keep the artists happy and loyal to the circus.

In short, when we download Circus Electrique for PC, we find an innovative and challenging RPG where planning and resource management are key to achieving victory.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10
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