Overlord II

Overlord II is a game in which you will be the bad guy of the plot and you'll have to wreck havoc. Download Overlord II and take on the bad guy role


You'll be the bad guy

June 15, 2009
7 / 10

In an extremely peaceful world, full to the brim with charming creatures and where the humans maintain a place to live that is clean and full of happiness and welfare, you the Lord of Chaos, will have to liven things up with the help of your thugs and cause anarchy and destruction wherever you go. Overlord II breaks with the classic role of eliminating evil and puts us in charge of an army that has as an objective to crumble to dust all the work of the humans, without any kind of mercy.

Bring back the world of darkness

As well as controlling the Overlord, we will lead a group of creatures of evil that will obey each of the orders that we indicate to them by means of the controls of the mouse and keyboard. Thus, strategy will be necessary to fulfill any of our objectives. Collect your enemies' energy to be able to access new powers and henchmen, so that you can form an army with which you will be able to demolish each city that you pass through.

If you want to be the Evil Lord for once, try the first levels of Overlord II with this demo, and show your worst profile.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo only allows you to play the first few levels of the game.
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