Egoboo is a video game in which you will have to guide the characters along a dungeon. Download Egoboo and avoid the dangers you encounter to stay alive


Guide your characters through a dungeon

November 18, 2011
6 / 10

Egoboo is an entertaining dungeon game based on the classic Rogue game. This role-playing game has appealing graphics that will submerge you into the environment of a deep dungeon. The objective of Egoboo is to guide the character to save Lord Bishop, the king of the land. But you will have to be very careful and avoid falling in the grips of the evil Dracolich.

Entertaining dungeon crawler game for PC

To start off you will have to choose the character with which you want to play. From their onwards you will have to guide him through various scenarios, facing the dangerous monsters that you will encounter. To fight, you have to make the most of the different powers that you have available: exploring, curing or attack.

Egoboo forms part of a group of games that have evolved from the classic Rogue dungeon game. These games are known as “roguelikes” and have a great number of followers.

With Egoboo you will pass hours discovering disturbing scenarios, fighting against monsters and encountering all kinds of surprises.

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