Zero Online


Zero Online is a MMORPG where you will have to take part in a hard battle for the control of the galaxy. Download Zero Online free on your computer


Defend your side in the fight for the galaxy in this MMORPG

September 21, 2011
8 / 10

Become the star pilot of one of the most destructive war machines in the galaxy (Tech Robots), and challenge other users from all over the world that are connected to this impressive futuristic MMORPG.

A mecha-based combat game

You, as a Tech warrior, will be part of an intergalactic battle in which you are the pilot of huge futuristic robots that use swords and scythes as weapons. These robots have the capacity of transforming into vehicles (Jets, tanks, all-terrain,...) and improving their features thanks to the experience gained in each combat.

With the prizes you obtain, you and your team will be able to purchase new weapons and other components for your Tech unit, repair damage received in combat, access the "academy" to learn new abilities or use teleporters. In Zero Online everything is possible.

If you've seen and liked Robotech or Pacific Rim, you've got to download this title.

Discover a new type of massive online game where you will pilot a powerful machine, in a futuristic environment, using the most powerful weaponry. Welcome to Zero Online.

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