IConquerU is an MMORPG that more than one player will see with a resemblance to Heroes of Might & Magic. Live great adventures after you download IConquerU

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There are many MMORPG games available over Internet at the moment, but very few of them had tried up till now to combine the developed of totally customizable characters with the possibilities offered by turn based battles with multiple troops, as can be found in IConquerU.

  This game offers a game that merges classic role playing, in what regards to character development, with turn based battles that are more similar to what can be found in games like Heroes of Might & Magic, specially regarding the vast amount of troops that the heroes can call forward to defend them in battle.

  The game doesn't offer latest generation graphics, but they are more than acceptable, and the playability is enviable, specially considering that it is a totally free project that has recently started. As for the moment if only offers three different races from which to choose (it more than probable that they will offer more in the future) and a selection of character classes.

  What are you waiting for to download IConquerU and to enjoy great adventures? Will you be able to become one of the great heroes of this game? Will you be human, elf or orc? You decide.
Requirements and additional information:
The game updates automatically when you launch it. It is necessary to create a user account to play.
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