King's Bounty: The Legend

King's Bounty: The Legend is an entertaining turn-based strategy game in which you will have to help the character, a Knight, to overcome various challenges


Dynamic turn-based strategy game full of action

October 6, 2010
7 / 10

King's Bounty: The Legend is a title similar to the latest instalments of Heroes of Might & Magic, mainly due to the playing system (turn-based strategy) and its graphics. This title will transport you to the world of Endoria, where you'll have to take on the role of a knight who, together with the troops he has been assigned, must fulfil a series of missions.

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During the battles, our character won't fight, but he will have to organize his 5 squadrons, which can be made up by dozens of different units, including farmers or archers, to mythological creatures, such as unicorns or griffins. We must also make use of spells and scrolls to tip the scales in our favour during the combat.

Throughout the map, we'll come across different cities and schools at which we can recruit members for our small army. mThe game's graphic aspect and its playability make it a very accessible title, both for beginners in the strategy world or for hardcore players that know this genre extremely well.

Requirements and additional information:

The demo will allow you to play the first kingdom of the game.

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