Defender's Quest


Defender's Quest is a game that combines the RPG, strategy and classic tower defense system in a single product. Download Defender's Quest and try it out

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RPG games have evolved quite a bit as time has gone by, but the traditional titles are still remembered with certain nostalgia. Defender's Quest is here to recall those old RPG games that were full of mysticism, magic and spells.

Defender's Quest is a classic RPG, with graphics that aren't striking but that accomplish their mission perfectly, submerging the player in an absorbing story where strategy is a key element.


  • Combine classic roleplaying with strategy and tower defense games.
  • Frenetic game rhythm.
  • Progress with the characters and customize them.
  • Tactical battle system.
  • 343 maps with the design of more than 100 unique battles.
  • Additional challenges and bonuses.

An incredible story for any PC

The story will place you in a country devastated by a pandemic. You will have to take on the role of a your teenager that will have to investigate the cause of this illness, that together with a faithful group of soldiers, will have to fight against those that are responsible.

The game is perfect to play on any computer, no matter what power it has, because the requirements it has are minimal. So download Defender's Quest right now.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo version has certain limitations.

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