Download Tibia for free, a classic MMORPG game which takes place in medieval times. Explore the magnificent world of Tibia and interact with other players

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The success of MMORPGs is unquestionable, but not only thanks to well-known titles like "World of Warcraft" or "City of Heroes". Even before their arrival, Tibia was already a good alternative for those fans of this genre.

Perform heroic feats.

Tibia is an online multiplayer role-playing game developed in Europe and is one of the oldest. Even today, more than 15 years after its release, dozens of thousands of players around the world are listed in the medieval world of Tibia to explore its maps and solve missions entrusted to them.


  • MMORPG for Windows, more than 15 years old, and more than 250,000 players.
  • Choose your character between a Knight, a Paladin, a Sorcerer or a Druid.
  • Develop the skills of your character.
  • Explore vast maps full of dungeons.
  • Interact with other players. Various chat tools included.

Classic role-playing for all ages

The graphics of Tibia are far from exceptional, but more than enough to submerge you into the story, something that the more limited users and those with low bandwidth network connections will appreciate. It uses a top-down view to navigate around it's colorful map.

Whether you're a fan of MMORPG or a newcomer to the genre, you should download Tibia for free. Enjoy one of the most successful, traditional online RPGs.

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