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Sacred 2 is an action role-playing game where after creating your character you will have to eliminate evil. Download Sacred 2 and get ready for battle


Overcome all the challenges you come across in the world of Ancaria

September 9, 2010
8 / 10

Sacred 2 is an action role-playing game (ARPG) in which our character will have to manage to eliminate all evil from Ancaria or, on the contrary, spread fear and destruction in each place that we visit.

Decide the future of the world of Ancaria

The first thing that we will have to do is create our hero, or villain, having to choose between two different factions (Light/Shadow) and six different classes (Seraphim, Shadow Warrior, High Elf, Dryad, Temple Guardian and Inquisitor). Once we have done this we will have to travel around a large world in which we will have to fulfill a series of missions and gain experience, to be able to improve our abilities and, thanks to this, be able to face more difficult challenges.

One of the greatest appeals of this game is its graphic aspect, that has a great level of detail. The soundtrack and special effects sounds are also noteworthy, with a special mention to the song that Blind Guardian wrote for the game.

The playability is similar to other titles of the genre, using a 3D perspective while maintaining the isometric view found in older games, so players that are used to the genre shouldn't have any adaptation problems.

Requirements and additional information:

  • In the demo, we can choose one character and play the first area of the game.
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