FreedroidRPG is a role-playing game for Windows in which we'll become a robot that has to try to save the world in the war waged between humans and machines


Save the world in this RPG

August 14, 2023
7 / 10

There are loads of role-playing games out there but hardly any of them offer you the chance to play the role of a robot as is the case of FreedroidRPG. This game tells us the story of a world devastated by a conflict between humans and machines and we'll become Tux, a robot that has to deal with ruthless killer robots.

A robot to save the word

It offers us real-time combat with different sorts of weapons and gameplay similar to what we've seen in other titles such as Diablo. We can take control of enemy robots to modify their behavior and improve their features to use them to our own benefit. There are also 50 different items that we can use throughout the game to fight against loads of different enemies that will try to get in our way and prevent us from succeeding.

With an advanced dialog system that strengthens the plot, this is an immersive story worthy of the best RPG titles for Windows and that offers us at least 10 or 11 hours of gameplay... provided that everything goes OK.

Finally, we have to point out that Freedroid is open-source, therefore, we can download it for free and distribute it without any trouble. That also means that the user community can create their own contents such as new maps thanks to its editor.

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