Dark Souls II

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In Dark Souls II we'll return to a world of magic and fantasy in which not only we'll we have to face dangerous monsters, but also our very own fears


The second part of the acclaimed Dark Souls

February 16, 2016
8 / 10

Dark Souls was a great hit back in 2011 in terms of role-playing action games. Its second instalment, Dark Souls II, offers us a new experience in the dark magic world that we'll always associate with this game.

A worthy comeback to the dark fantasy of Dark Souls.

In Dark Souls 2 for PC we'll take a plunge into a game that takes place in an extensive world generated by a new graphical engine that offers us rather impressive visual results. The action scenes, the sound and the characters that take part in the action are as realistic as ever.

Main features of Dark Souls 2

Any fan of this kind of title will find positive aspects in this second part:

  • New mazes, monsters and bosses.
  • New settings full of graphical details.
  • Realistic threats that awake human fears and phobias such as vertigo or hallucinations.
  • Weapons and armours that adapt to the game.
  • Improved multiplayer function.
  • Improved combat system developed by capturing moving images.

Without a doubt, we're talking about a complete and complex game. It's advisable to download a tutorial to help you master certain aspects of the game to make the most of this great fantasy title.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a pay-to-play game that can be downloaded through Steam.
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