Gothic 3

In Gothic 3 you will have to help the main character to free his lands from the orcs. Download Gothic 3 and discover the third instalment of this game

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Gothic 3 is a real step forward in regarding this series of role-playing games, based on a fantastic world where the hero will have to face a set of dangerous encounters. This third instalment starts after the hero defeats the Undead Dragon from the second instalment of the saga, and he and all his friends travel back to the continent. When they reach it, they discover that a great part of the land has been conquered by the Orcs, and only the capital has resisted. Your mission will be to free the lands from the evil Orcs.

  During the hero's travel we will be able to choose between three paths depending on who we decide to help: the Orcs, the Rebels or the Hashishins. But this decision can change. The important detail is the reputation that you acquire in each of the factions.

  Gothic 3 offers us a large amount of new spells, weapons and different strategies to reach our objective. Furthermore, the control of the inventory has been improved, offering us the possibility to organize our belongings with more sense.

  Try out this demo of Gothic 3 and help the hero to free the continent from the evil Orcs.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires to have DirectX 9 installed. This download requires to have a ZIP compatible compressor. This demo version doesn't include the beginning of the game.
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