Lost Ark

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In Lost Ark, you will choose your class as a player and embark on an adventure where you explore a vast, unknown, dangerous, PvP world in search of the Ark


An stunning role-playing and action game

February 12, 2022
7 / 10

There is an ark that keeps within it a power that the forces of evil want to seize. Your objective will be to stop that from happening, which means you will have to explore a vast unknown world and face all kinds of dangers and enemies that will try to foil you at all costs. This is the plot of Lost Ark, an action RPG in which you will be able to customize your fighter with all kinds of skills, weapons, and equipment.

Explore a vast world and experience thrilling PvP fights

In the game, you will start by choosing the class to which you will belong, which will condition the way you play based on the powers and abilities that you will have at your disposal. Then you will launch into an open world of seven continents that are very different from each other, as well as the seas that separate them. You will face dangerous adversaries, but also other players, as the game features a PvP system. You will also be able to forge alliances to take on the most dangerous bosses.

Lost Ark is an interesting adventure with excellent graphics and a lot of action, along with an interesting skill system based on social, craft, and guild systems, which will continually condition the way you play, which can be by skimming the surface or delving much deeper into the story.

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