Audiotran is a music player that will allow it to create loops during a song. Play music that you like most once you download Audiotran on your computer

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There are hundreds of music players on the current market, each with its own functions and options. Some of these players stand out due to the fact that they include options that other don't include, as is the case with Audiotran.


  • Play single songs or playlists.
  • Loop creator: create loops at specific moments of a song, with the length established by the user.
  • Pitch: It allows to modify the playback pitch without affecting the playback speed.
  • Modify the playback speed.
  • Automatic BPM detection.
  • Memorize: save the information that has been used for the pitch, the loops and the playback speed.
  • Creation of playlists.

Thanks to all the features, with Audiotran the user will be able to create incredible music sessions that won't have anything to envy of any DJ sessions.

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Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.

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