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Shoot the balloons and destroy them to improve your score in Ball Blast for Android devices and get new and better cannons with a greater firepower


Destroy all the balloons

May 7, 2021
8 / 10

Remember Pang? Yes, of course you do. That arcade machine game in which you had to destroy bubbles and other geometric objects that bounced around the screen and that were broken into smaller elements when you shot them, becoming more and more dangerous. Well, this Ball Blast is exactly the same.

Pang for Android? No, but nearly

VOODOO haven't brought out all their creativity and wit to develop their most original game but who cares. If you loved playing Pang or Super Pang, you're also going to like this game. Your mission is to control a cannon that moves right and left shooting at the balloons that bounce all over the screen.

Each time you hit one of these balloons it will be split into smaller fragments that will kill you if they touch you. Nevertheless, you can collect the coins they release to improve your firepower and reach higher levels In order to discover new scenarios.

And that's it: a game that will put your reflexes to the test and that's as addictive as the legendary Pang. Don't hesitate to download its APK.

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