How to cheat in GTA San Andreas Android

For those of you who are eager to take a little shortcut in GTA San Andreas, and are playing it on a mobile device, we have to tell you that there are no cheats as such. Of course, there are different cheats for both PC and console that we can use through a series of tips that we will give you.

To be able to use the cheats that we will see later, the Cheats for GTA app explains how we must have our mobile device, either smartphone or Tablet:

  • A smartphone or tablet that supports USB OGT and has a keyboard, either USB or Bluetooth, connected to the mobile device.
  • Using a virtual keyboard, with applications such as GamePad, to be able to type codes during the game.

Using any of these methods, being the virtual keyboard the easiest one, we will be able to enter in the game the codes that are used in the GTA San Andreas computer version. These codes were created by the developers to make progress during development. There are a large number of codes allowing you to make small (or large) tricks. Here are some of them.


  • Invincibility: GONPXWR
  • Health and vest to the maximum - HESOYAM
  • Oxygen in diving and infinite running - CVWKXAM
  • Semi-infinite health - BAGUVIX
  • Musculature to the maximum - TURNUPTHEHEAT
  • Character skill to the maximum - NATURALTALENT


  • Weapon set number 4: BIEUHQY
  • Thug guns - LXGIWYL
  • Professional Weapons and Tools - PROFESSIONALSKIT
  • Weapons and Tools Nutter - UZUMYMW
  • Infinite ammunition - FULLCLIP


  • Sandstorm - CWJXUOC
  • Light sunny - TOODAMNHOT
  • Rainy - AUIFRVQS
  • Cloudy - CFVFGMJ
  • Clear - ALNSFMZO
  • Always midnight - NIGHTPROWLER


  • Invisible cars - WHEELSONLYPLEASE
  • Exploding cars - CPKTNWT
  • Fast cars - VERYONEISRICH
  • All cars with nitro - SPEEDFREAK
  • No traffic - GHOSTTOWN
  • Traffic lights on green - ZEIIVG
  • Aggressive drivers - YLTEICZ
  • Pink traffic - LLQPFBN
  • Black car traffic - IOWDLAC
Cheats available for GTA San AndreasCheats available for GTA San Andreas


  • Maximum skill in casino games: AFJKBNRP
  • Time Travel: YACKMWS
  • Instantly complete a mission: BYIXZIY
  • Character head descriptions: JQFUDUB
  • Adrenaline mode active - ANOSEONGLASS
  • Killer level in all weapons - PROFESSIONAL
  • Remove search level - TURNDOWNTHEHEAT
  • Respect to the fullest - WORSHIPME
  • Every pedestrian is armed - FOOOXFT
  • Low game speed - SLOWITDOWN
  • Super Jump - CANGURO
  • Recruit anyone - ROCKETMAYHEM
  • You have a bounty hunter behind you - BAGOWPG