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In Clean Road for Android you'll have to clear the road and avoid all the obstacles with your snowplow so that the rest of cars can continue driving around


Clear the road to let the traffic get past

January 20, 2022
7 / 10

You surely remember that episode of The Simpson's in which Homer bought himself a snowplow and became Mr. Plow (and if you don't, you have to watch it right now). Well, the thing is that this Clean Road is more or less the same: with one of these vehicles you're going to have to clear the road.

Drive your snow plow and clear the snow on the road

To start off, you'll work on roads blocked by the snow, clearing drives so cars get in and out and move around the streets you clear. Nevertheless, as you advance, you'll be able to work on more scenarios.

The important thing in this game is that, on the one hand, you clear the entrance to as many drives as possible to increase your score. And on the other, you avoid all the obstacles: you can drag them away with your machine but you run the risk of building up so many that you get blocked without being able to advance.

As you advance, you'll be able to discover new scenarios that get more and more complicated to clear with your snowplow. In turn, you can also unlock new vehicles, one of the greatest parts of this game.

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