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Cleanfox is an email cleaner to cancel subscriptions to newsletters that shows us the ecological footprint that we've avoided thanks to this action

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All human activities have an environmental impact, even the most insignificant ones. And when it comes to the Internet, can there be anything any less significant than subscribing to a newsletter? You know, those emails that arrive in our Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo inboxes full of adverts and updates from different pages and online services that we can't be bothered to open.

Well, sending those useless emails has an impact in the form of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. And that's where Cleanfox comes in, an interesting service that is meant to be a tool to help the environment but that will also help us to keep our inbox neat and tidy.

What is it and how does it work?

This is a service that we can use to clean up our email account whilst it also helps us to unsubscribe from different email distribution platforms. And it's as easy as connecting to the system by means of our usual email provider: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and others, such as Orange and other minor platforms.

After granting the corresponding permissions, Cleanfox will analyze our inbox and offer us a list of emails to be removed as well as services from which we should unsubscribe. We can choose manually what we want to delete and then carry out the cleaning process. In turn, we'll be shown the amount of CO2 that we've just saved from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Your inbox and the atmosphere will become much cleaner.

Regarding this tool, we can find all sorts of opinions, especially in terms of the user's security and privacy. However, its developers guarantee that all data are protected by means of SSL encrypted connections. And for the time being, there's no such thing as an Android or iPhone app, but only an extension that you can download and install on Google Chome.

The philosophy behind the development of this web application can be related to other initiatives such as the Ecosia search engine or the Fairphone smartphone which intend to make the user aware of the importance of using clean technology with a lower impact on the Earth.

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