Email Applications for Android

Write emails, read all your new messages in your inbox and organize all your contacts with these different email clients for Android devices

Gmail 2024.05.19.635289964 English
Gmail 2024.05.19.635289964

Google's official email

Microsoft Outlook 4.2419.0 English

Outlook's application for Android devices

Yahoo Mail 7.41.1 English
Yahoo Mail 7.41.1

Yahoo's email client for Android

Hotmail English

The app to access Microsoft's former email service on Android

Spark 3.8.7 English
Spark 3.8.7

An email client to take control of your inbox

Gmail Go 2022.10.10.480125827 English
Gmail Go 2022.10.10.480125827

The Go version of Gmail

Temp Mail 3.46 English
Temp Mail 3.46

Disposable mail client

Edison Mail 2.0.1 English

The ultimate Gmail alternative

Mail.Ru - Email App English
Mail.Ru - Email App

Mail.Ru's email app for Android

Microsoft Outlook Lite 3.32.7 English

The light version of the mail app

Blue Mail English
Blue Mail

Universal email client

AOL Mail 6.33.4 English
AOL Mail 6.33.4

Email, news, videos, and weather in one app

Samsung Email English
Samsung Email

The email client optimized for Samsung smartphones

ProtonMail 4.0.3 English
ProtonMail 4.0.3

The CERN's safe email service

QQmail 6.1.7 English
QQmail 6.1.7

Email manager

Google Email 7.0-1533254 English
Google Email 7.0-1533254

The Google multi-account email manager

Tutanota 3.89.25 English
Tutanota 3.89.25

Send end-to-end encrypted emails

Depop 2.255 English
Depop 2.255

Buy and sell from your mobile

Yahoo Mail Go 7.24.1 English

The lightweight version of Yahoo's email app

TypeApp English

Multi-service-compatible mail client

Libero Mail 20.0.14 English
Libero Mail 20.0.14

Email app compatible with several providers

Cleanfox 3.23.15-188 English
Cleanfox 3.23.15-188

Get rid of spam at the drop of a hat

Nine - Email & Calendar 4.9.4b English

Extend the functions of your email client

K-9 Mail 6.509 English
K-9 Mail 6.509

Open-source multi-account email client

Yandex.Mail 8.5.2 English

Email service belonging to the Russian multinational

Solo Notifier 1.3.2 English

Email notifier with support for calls and messages

Newton Mail 10.0.99 English
Newton Mail 10.0.99

Great email client for your Android device

myMail English

Unified email account manager

Petal Mail English
Petal Mail

Huawei's e-mail application

Boxer English

An alternative to Gmail with many tools

VK Mail English
VK Mail

The email client from VK

FairEmail 1.1904 English
FairEmail 1.1904

Manage your email accounts using this client

GMX Mail & Cloud 7.46.1 English

Official GMX email service app

WEB.DE Mail & Cloud 7.46.1 English

A German mail manager

Thunderbird 115.3.1 English

Mozilla's multifunctional mail client in its Android version