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Play a deadly version of hide-and-seek in Cluck Night, an asymmetric 4v1 action game application where you have to hunt or escape from a hungry farmer


Runaway from the shepherd or eat the chickens

November 27, 2020
8 / 10

Coconut Island Games studio takes us to a scary farmhouse where an insatiable farmer wants to eat grilled chickens. But he will have to hunt them down first. And you only have to download the APK file to join this fun, scary, and peculiar version of the classic hide-and-seek game.

Human or chicken?

Cluck Night is a casual game of asymmetric action and multiplayer Dead by Daylight style that takes place on a farm at nightfall. The farmer will have to hunt four chickens or hens before dawn and cook them on the grill to satisfy his hunger. This is quite an original proposal based on the game of hide-and-seek.

Real-time 4v1 competitive game!

We can play as a farmer or as a chicken on the run in 4v1 matches. The controls change a bit depending on the type of character we are playing with. However, we will always have a virtual joystick to move around the stage and several action buttons. The farmer may club, while the chickens may throw eggs, peck, or hide.

The games are quick, exciting, and very dynamic, lasting around five minutes. During this time, the players who control the chickens will have to escape and hide, as well as break several generators. In the meantime, the farmer will have to look for them to hunt and cook them.

Also, this fun game is complemented by several characters, although, at first, we can only select a farmer (with something more than a lazy resemblance to Colonel Sanders of KFC), and a chicken. The experience is fantastic since the developers have managed to give a refreshing twist to games in the horror and stealth genre.

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