Dead Island: Survivors Android


Dead Island: Survivors for Android combines action and tower-defense-like strategy. Defend yourself against the never-ending attacks of hordes of zombies

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The fans of zombie video games are going to love this Dead Island: Survivors. Mainly because, apart from having loads of zombie, it also offers us a gameplay that we're not too used to seeing. On the one hand, we have to wipe out as many undead as possible one after the other because they are very persistent and never stop attacking. On the other, it combines strategy elements from the tower-defense genre.

Defend your base against the zombie attack

We'll put up to the usual plot: a zombie apocalypse in which we're one of the very few survivors and we'll have to put in a lot of effort to not have our brains eaten. For such purpose, we'll have a shelter that we'll have to defend whatever it takes and where we'll have to make use of different traps and weapons that we'll have to place strategically in different positions.

That will help us to wipe out our enemies but it's up to us to give them the final headshot. For such purpose, we'll have a collection of brave heroes just like in The Walking Dead which we'll control to stop the menace with the help of the different weapons that we're capable of crafting.

Spread out your traps and develop powerful tools to face up to zombies.

Main features

  • Action game with tower-defense strategy elements.
  • Build your own range of weapons.
  • Place traps strategically around the scenario.
  • Collect weapons and improve them to increase their firepower.
  • Turn your base into a fortress.

The graphics of this game also deserve a mention since they have been developed with high detail levels and an aspect that reminds us of comics and cartoons. Don't hesitate and download the APK of this game that you can find for free on Malavida and that isn't available in the Google Play Store.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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