With the free FxSound software, which features a straightforward interface, users can now increase their computer's volume, sound quality, and bass

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Satisfied with the audio quality you get from your PC? If the answer is no, the solution is FXSound, a program that corrects the limitations of your devices and audio files and optimizes the sound when you listen to music or Internet radio, play videos or play games.

Get incredible sound for everything you listen to.

With FxSound you can get surround sound while playing games and avoid straining to hear movie dialogues due to unbalanced sound effects.

Key Features

  • This software offsets for poor quality hardware by selecting and processing timbre, volume, spatial balance and sound dynamics.
  • Achieve clearer, louder, deeper, and better balanced audio.
  • FxSound includes a new equalizer that balances the sound based on the user's needs and with customizable center frequencies.
  • Compatible with programs, web pages, and applications, social networks, streaming services...
  • It transmits video game audio at a higher bit rate than almost any other digital sound card.
  • Several processing modes depending on the material.
  • It includes configuration presets that you can associate to any audio.
  • Display a spectrum analyzer.

The software redesigns the audio generating a sound with a much wider and consistent stereo image and boosts the lower frequency range to provide greater depth and bass definition, increased overall volume, and eliminates possible annoying noises and clicks.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The evaluation version has limited features.
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