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Dofus is an entertaining and popular massive multiplayer role-playing game. Download Dofus and discover this adventure full of dragons, damsels and wizards

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Dofus is one of the most popular online games of the moment. This MMORPG has a very elaborate and original graphical interface as well as a very large community of players. The game is a classic RPG game with a well designed interface and uses turn-based combats.

  Thanks to the amount of players and to the large community created around it, Dofus is a game that is in continuous expansion the development of which attends to the communities requests in each update. Thus, the PvP fights have gained a lot of strength as time has gone by, relegating those that faced players against monsters to a second plane.

  The story behind Dofus speaks of dragons, young damsels in distress, wizards and warriors. As in any other RPG worth naming, we will have the opportunity to fulfil a series of small missions and solve different mysteries while fighting all kinds of enemies so as to progress.

  Because, going up in level and gaining new equipment is a very important part of this game, and will make things easier for us when we are challenged during our adventures in Dofus. The game is near enough endless, because the different classes that our hero can learn, as well as the continuous expansions to the game are always making it possible to discover new areas together with other players.
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary to have an Internet connection to enjoy the game. The game updates automatically after the installation.
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