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Domino Smash is a game for Android where you have to topple the pieces and create a domino effect by throwing a ball at them just like in a game of pool


Level up by toppling pieces in a domino effect

June 15, 2021
7 / 10

Watching dominos fall can be hypnotic, right? Domino Smash is a game of chance where you have to go through the levels by toppling structures and drawings made of dominos. You wlll have to fire balls at the poor dominos as if it were a game of pool.

Level up by toppling all the pieces

The objective in this game is to topple all of the pieces to uncover the drawing that they configure, while getting your hands on all of the bonuses and keys to be found in each level. The trick is to aim really well so that the pieces fall with just one strike, meaning that you get maximum points.

Game difficulty is progressive and you will gradually get into more challenging levels. The game offers incentives to level up, like unlocking new balls and backgrounds. You'll do it by getting diamonds which you can later use to buy all kinds of items or by opening chests that will appear when you manage to collect 3 keys.

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