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EdrawMax is a program that allows us to design and create all sorts of diagrams, from flowcharts to mind maps, offering us loads of different tools


The best program to create diagrams

December 27, 2022
9 / 10

Creating mind maps with EdrawMax is child’s play. It’s one of the most advanced options for when it comes to generating all sorts of diagrams, also offering us a huge catalog of templates that we’ll simply have to download and modify as we wish to be able to create any kind of diagram in a matter of minutes.

Its options are never-ending as we can create all sorts of flowcharts, organizational charts to help us coordinate work teams, all kinds of floorplans for homes or offices, mind maps to organize our ideas or charts to manage our projects. A world of possibilities that also turn out to be very easy to use.

How to use EdrawMax

As soon as we open the program, we’ll be able to view the entire gallery of templates available, perfectly organized by categories. Double clicking on any of them will load the template in question onto our workspace which is similar to the interface we’re used to using when working with different office tools such as Microsoft Office.

Everything looks familiar: the tabs on the upper part of the screen provide us with access to different functions, the sidebars are reserved for the vector graphics library and its functions, and the center of the screen shows us the diagram we’re currently working on. We only have to drag elements from the library to the template or select and carry out modifications on elements to start creating our very own chart.

And if we were to need any help, there’s a complete assistance section where we can watch video tutorials, although we really won’t need them because once we’ve installed the program, we’ll soon be able to see how intuitive it is to use, with a very mild learning curve.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version applies watermarks when exporting projects and other limitations.
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