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22.31 Fotoxx is a complete image editor for Linux with which you will easily be able to enhance your photographs. Download Fotoxx for free and improve your photos
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The vast majority of image editors aren't only developed for photo enhancement, they can also be used for designing, mainly due to all the tools that they include. Fotoxx is an editor focused on a single task, nevertheless a task it performs extraordinarily, the enhancement of photos taken with digital cameras.

An editor to achieve the best pictures

With this tool, you will be able to reduce the noise, adjust the color, the contrast and the brightness, adjust the under-/over- exposed areas of a photo, as well as being able to quickly create panoramic images (with auto-adjusting color and brightness, and automatic image alignment), rotate or redimension any image.

All this without requiring advanced photography knowledge, because one of the main features of Fotoxx is how easy it is to use and how intuitive its interface is. If you want a program that offers compatibility between all the current image formats (including professional formats), with which you can enhance your images, Fotoxx can become the best of your options.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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