The best design, image and photography software for Linux

In this selection of design, image, and photography programs, you’ll find all the tools necessary to edit and touch-up your pictures, create animations, apply filters and effects, and improve your photos on Linux

EdrawMax 12.0.6 English
EdrawMax 11.5.6

The best program to create diagrams

Fotocx 24.21 English
Fotocx 24.21

Image editor with many options to improve your photos

SimpleScreenRecorder 0.4.2 English

Record everything that happens on your screen

KolourPaint 1.2.2 English

Tool to draw and paint your own creations

darktable 3.8.1 English
darktable 3.8.1

Image processing in RAW format

Gwenview 1.4.2 English
Gwenview 1.4.2

Viewer with basic image editing and organization

KTooN 0.9a English
KTooN 0.9a

Create stunning 2D animations

Shutter 0.99.4 English
Shutter 0.99.4

A powerful tool to take screen captures