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KolourPaint is a free tool that allows to paint and create drawings. Create your own drawings and paintings free with the utilities from KolourPaint


Tool to draw and paint your own creations

January 19, 2011
6 / 10

Creating your own drawings and paintings with your computer is a valid options thanks to programs like KolourPaint. This free tool will allow you to create all kinds of creations by making the most of its possibilities.

It is specially designed for the average user, and it offers all kinds of options for many kinds of tasks:

  • Diagram and “finger painting” drawings.
  • Handle and edit images, including applying effects.
  • Create cliparts and transparencies...

The software is open source and is based on C++. Its greatest virtue: to manage results that are totally satisfactory when it comes to creating and editing drawings and images.

If you have the imperative need to draw something or you simply need a tool to create you own paintings or edit those you already have, you can now can resort to an application like KolourPaint. Download this image creation and enhancement software, it is free.

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Antony Peel