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Evernote online allows you to manage your contents without installing any software. Synchronise Evernote online with your account on your phone or computer

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Evernote was already available for Windows, Mac and smartphones and, as expected, it is now also available online. You can finally make the most of all its possibilities from any device with access to the Internet regardless of whether the application is installed or not.

Enjoy Evernote without any installations

Evernote, the popular application that fulfils the functions of a personal organiser where you can write down all your important information has now got an online version. The latter includes all the functions already available on computers and mobile phones, without any requirement other than having a device of any sort with access to the Internet, and a browser with which you can access your user account. Without installations and only with your profile you can access all the content you have edited regardless of whether you did so from the desktop client for Windows or Mac or from the mobile phone application.


  • Storage of all sorts of information by means of text edited by the user or by means of files and documents.
  • Organisation of all the contents automatically and with tags.
  • Internal search engine.
  • Storage on the cloud with 60 MB of space.
  • Possibility to share notepads and notes with other users.
  • Synchronisation of the account's content regardless of whether it has been previously accessed from a computer or smartphone

The advantage of Evernote online

You will always be able to use Evernote. For example, if you are using a computer on which, for one reason or another, you don't have user permissions to install the Evernote desktop client, there's no problem at all. You can access your profile and make use of the modified or added content when you subsequently access from another place.

Manage your personal organiser, notes and lists whenever and wherever you are.

With the Evernote web application you will no longer have any obstacles to create notes and reminders, no matter where you are.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need an email account to register on the application.
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