When we use Facebook Messenger, the rest of the users, by default, can see if we are online or not. There is the possibility of hiding our status so no one knows if we are online. This setting is important if your goal is to increase your privacy within the social network.

To start, you must open the settings menu by tapping on your profile picture.

Open Facebook Messenger’s settingsOpen Facebook Messenger’s settings

Once you are in the list of options, search for Active Status. Open the setting by tapping on it.

Disable statusDisable status

Disable the switch next to the statement Show when you´re active.

Show others we are onlineShow others we are online

Immediately, your status will be hidden from the rest of the users of Facebook Messenger, and they will no longer be able to know if you are online or not. It is necessary to point out that by doing this, we will not be able to see the state of others either.

This may seem like enough, but the truth is that other users can continue to view your status from the main Facebook app. To deactivate it, open Facebook and tap on the menu of the three horizontal lines.

Facebook’s menuFacebook’s menu

Then, at the bottom of the screen, you will find Settings & Privacy. Open the drop-down menu by tapping on it.

Security and privacy settingsSecurity and privacy settings

Now, tap on Settings.

Facebook’s settingsFacebook’s settings

In the list of options, search for Active Status.

Active status optionsActive status options

Turn off the switch next to Show when you're active.

Disable our statusDisable our status

Confirm the deactivation by tapping on Turn off.

Confirm the disablingConfirm the disabling

Only by performing both processes, you are guaranteed that no one will see your status. To clarify: all these settings do not affect the sending and receiving of messages.