Instant Messaging and Chat Applications for Android

With these instant messaging applications you'll be able to chat with your contacts through text messages. A quick and comfortable way of talking

WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.153 English

The number 1 instant messaging application

Facebook Messenger English
Facebook Messenger

Facebook's instant messaging and chat application

LINE 9.8.0 English
LINE 9.8.0

Messaging and chat app with social and VoIP functions

WeChat 7.0.4 English
WeChat 7.0.4

One of the best chat apps

Telegram Messenger 5.6.2 English

Fast and safe instant messaging

BBM - BlackBerry Messenger English

BlackBerry's official chat and instant messaging app

imo 9.8.000000012011 English
imo 9.8.000000012011

Instant messaging and video and audio calls for free

ShareChat emarti_8.4.5 English
ShareChat emarti_8.4.5

Share viral contents and meet new people

BeeTalk 3.0.11 English
BeeTalk 3.0.11

Make friends nearby

Telegram X English
Telegram X

The new official Telegram client

MiChat 1.0.3 English
MiChat 1.0.3

Chat with your contacts and make new friends

Messenger Lite English
Messenger Lite

The lightweight version of Facebook Messenger for Android

Nimbuzz 5.9.0 English
Nimbuzz 5.9.0

Multi-protocol communications application

Miitomo 2.4.0 English
Miitomo 2.4.0

Nintendo's most social messaging

SMS Flash 3.3 English

Read the message as soon as you receive an SMS

Azar 3.40.2 English
Azar 3.40.2

Make video calls with anyone around the world

TextNow English

Send messages and call for free

Chatimity 7.3.1 English
Chatimity 7.3.1

A chat that rewards you for good behavior

Plus Messenger English

A Telegram client for Android

Slack English

The team communications tool of the 21st century

HelloTalk 3.2.0 English
HelloTalk 3.2.0

Practice languages with native speakers

Messenger Plus 1.0 English

Messages and statistics regarding your communications

Zoobe English

The revolution of instant messaging

Blind2Chat English

An invisible chat system

MocoSpace 2.6.98 English
MocoSpace 2.6.98

A chat to meet people and maybe more

Facebook Messenger Kids English

Facebook's messaging app in its version for kids

CLM - Chat Live Messenger English

Microsoft Messenger is back

Hiapp 0.9.7a English
Hiapp 0.9.7a

Messaging client with many possibilities

Disa English

Bring all your messaging together

Frim 4.0.2 English
Frim 4.0.2

Speak to your friends and meet new people

EdenCity Chat 5.0.7 English

Meet people and chat from your phone

KakaoTalk 8.3.6 English
KakaoTalk 8.3.6

Communicate by chat and video and voice messages

Android Messages 4.4.070 English

Chat with all your contacts with Google's app

Starfire for Clash Royale 1.5.05 English

Chat and messaging for gamers

HeyWire 4.5.19 English
HeyWire 4.5.19

Send free text messages

Palringo 8.5.0 English
Palringo 8.5.0

Group messaging for Android

GO SMS Pro 7.86 English
GO SMS Pro 7.86

Manage how you send all your messages

BOTIM 1.2.8 English
BOTIM 1.2.8

Chat and video and voice calls with all your contacts

VEON 2.0.19 English
VEON 2.0.19

Free chat and voice calls over the Internet

WhatsAuto 1.0.44 English
WhatsAuto 1.0.44

Automate the replies of your instant messaging apps