Instant Messaging and Chat Applications for Android

With these instant messaging applications you'll be able to chat with your contacts through text messages. A quick and comfortable way of talking

WhatsApp Messenger English
WhatsApp Messenger

The number 1 instant messaging application

Facebook Messenger English
Facebook Messenger

Facebook's instant messaging and chat application

WeChat 7.0.18 English
WeChat 7.0.18

One of the best chat apps

LINE 10.13.3 English
LINE 10.13.3

Messaging and chat app with social and VoIP functions

Telegram Messenger 6.3.0 English

Fast and safe instant messaging

imo 2020.07.3051 English
imo 2020.07.3051

Instant messaging and video and audio calls for free

HushSMS 2.7.8 English
HushSMS 2.7.8

Check your device's security

TextNow English

Send messages and call for free

WhatsApp Lite PRO 2.6 English

MOD for Telegram which tries to pass itself off as WhatsApp

ShareChat emarti_12.0.7 English
ShareChat emarti_12.0.7

Share viral contents and meet new people

Mobogram 1.2 English

Unofficial Telegram client

Ayoba 0.28.1 English
Ayoba 0.28.1

Chat with other people and send messages through this app

Miitomo 2.4.0 English
Miitomo 2.4.0

Nintendo's most social messaging

Messenger Lite English
Messenger Lite

The lightweight version of Facebook Messenger for Android

Telegram Mod Lite 6.1.0 English

A lightweight version of Telegram

Telegram X English
Telegram X

The new official Telegram client

DirectChat (ChatHeads for All) 1.7.5 English

Access all your messaging apps from a single place

Supergram 5.7.1 English
Supergram 5.7.1

An alternative client for Telegram

Azar 3.62.2 English
Azar 3.62.2

Make video calls with anyone around the world

BGram T5.11.0-B6.4.0 English
BGram T5.11.0-B6.4.0

BifToGram, an unofficial Telegram client

Replika: My AI Friend 4.2.03 English

Chat with an artificial intelligence

BeeTalk 3.0.12 English
BeeTalk 3.0.12

Make friends nearby

Plus Messenger English
Plus Messenger

A Telegram client for Android

Camfrog English

Take part in thousands of video chat rooms

Casper English

Alternative client for Snapchat

WAKA 2.9.3 English
WAKA 2.9.3

Join multiple voice chat rooms

Zoobe English

The revolution of instant messaging

Chask 1.2.11 English
Chask 1.2.11

An anonymous and random chat app

Conversations 2.8.9 English

Communicate through XMPP

Mood Messenger 1.88f English

A modern-looking app to send SMS

Graph Messenger T5.14.0 - P7.6.1 English
Graph Messenger T5.14.0 - P7.6.1

A Telegram with more options

Paltalk English

Join a group chat with audio and video

Microsoft Teams 1416/ English
Microsoft Teams 1416/

More productivity and better company communications

EdenCity Chat 6.7.2 English

Meet people and chat from your phone

MiChat 1.2.31 English
MiChat 1.2.31

Chat with your contacts and make new friends

Samsung Messages English
Samsung Messages

Samsung's messaging app

Yahoo Messenger 2.11.1 English

Yahoo's messenger in its version for Android

SMS Flash 3.3 English

Read the message as soon as you receive an SMS

HeyWire 4.5.19 English
HeyWire 4.5.19

Send text messages for free

Messenger Plus 1.0 English

Messages and statistics regarding your communications