Instant Messaging and Chat Applications for Android

With these instant messaging applications you'll be able to chat with your contacts through text messages. A quick and comfortable way of talking

WhatsApp Messenger English
WhatsApp Messenger

The number one instant messaging application

Facebook Messenger 460. English
Facebook Messenger 460.

The Facebook app for messaging, voice and video calls

Telegram 10.12.0 English
Telegram 10.12.0

Fast, secure and versatile instant messaging platform

imo 2024.05.1031 English
imo 2024.05.1031

Instant messaging and video and audio calls for free

LINE 14.7.2 English
LINE 14.7.2

One of the most innovative instant messaging apps

TextNow English

Free phone calls and text messages

Azar 5.29.5 English
Azar 5.29.5

Make video calls with anyone around the world

WeChat 8.0.49 English
WeChat 8.0.49

One of the best chat apps

Microsoft Teams 1416/ English
Microsoft Teams 1416/

More productivity and better company communications

WhatsApp Business English
WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp app designed for businesses

Messenger Lite 338. English
Messenger Lite 338.

The lightweight version of Facebook Messenger for Android

Slack English

The 21st-century team communication tool

Messages by Google 20240506 English

Chat with all your contacts with Google's app

KakaoTalk 10.7.2 English
KakaoTalk 10.7.2

Communicate by chat and video and voice messages

HushSMS 2.7.8 English
HushSMS 2.7.8

Check your device's security

WhatsApp Lite 2.6 English

A WhatsApp MOD with extra features

WhatsApp Beta English
WhatsApp Beta

The beta version of WhatsApp Messenger

Text Free 12.68 English
Text Free 12.68

Get phone numbers for unlimited messaging and calling

Telegram X English
Telegram X

The new official Telegram client 3.351 English

Meet people in an anonymous chat

Miitomo 2.4.0 English
Miitomo 2.4.0

Nintendo's most social messaging

Mobogram 1.2 English

Unofficial Telegram client

JTelegram+ 8.0 English

Comprehensive mod for Telegram

ICQ 23.1.1 English
ICQ 23.1.1

Mobile version of one of most well-known chat apps

Conversations 2.15.2 English

Communicate through XMPP

Telegram Mod Lite 6.1.0 English

A lightweight version of Telegram

BOTIM 3.11.0 English
BOTIM 3.11.0

Chat and video and voice calls with all your contacts

Sappa 1.0.1 English
Sappa 1.0.1

A social network based on bluetooth and proximity

ShareChat 2024.5.6 English
ShareChat 2024.5.6

Share viral contents and meet new people

Plus Messenger English
Plus Messenger

A Telegram client for Android

Chatiw 2.4.1 English
Chatiw 2.4.1

Chat with and meet people from all over the world

Samsung Messages English
Samsung Messages

Samsung's messaging app

SMS Combo 1.9.8 English
SMS Combo 1.9.8

Application for sending multiple SMS messages

GO SMS Pro 8.03 English
GO SMS Pro 8.03

Manage how you send all your messages

QQ 8.9.73 English
QQ 8.9.73

One of the leading messaging apps in China

CLM - Chat Live Messenger English

Microsoft Messenger is back

Nicegram 1.26.3 English
Nicegram 1.26.3

Secure and easy-to-use instant messaging app

Mood Messenger English
Mood Messenger

A modern-looking app to send SMS

Zangi Messenger 5.9.3 English

Free messages, calls, and videocalls

AndChat English

A multiserver IRC client for Android

Buz 1.20.0 English
Buz 1.20.0

Messaging app to chat using voice messages

WAKA 5.8.00 English
WAKA 5.8.00

Join multiple voice chat rooms

DingTalk 7.5.1 English
DingTalk 7.5.1

Increase the productivity of your company with this management tool

MDGram Messenger 9.3.3 English

A complete Telegram client

Session 1.18.1 English
Session 1.18.1

Totally private instant messaging

FireChat 9.0.14 English
FireChat 9.0.14

Application to chat from Android without a connection

Casper English

Alternative client for Snapchat

HeyWire 4.5.19 English
HeyWire 4.5.19

Send text messages for free

TextU 4.6.8 English
TextU 4.6.8

Send SMS from a private platform

Textra SMS 4.65 English

A fully customizable SMS messaging app

SMS Flash 3.3 English

Read the message as soon as you receive an SMS

chomp SMS 9.00 English
chomp SMS 9.00

An alternative for sending and receiving SMS

Chatous 4.0.1 English
Chatous 4.0.1

Chat with people randomly

Nekogram X 9.3.3 English
Nekogram X 9.3.3

Free open source Telegram client

Threema Work 5.1.4k English
Threema Work 5.1.4k

Secure and private enterprise messaging platform

Flychat 1.11 English
Flychat 1.11

All your chat conversations in pop-up bubbles

Ayoba 0.64.0 English
Ayoba 0.64.0

Chat with other people and send messages through this app

Chudo 2.15.3 English
Chudo 2.15.3

Instant messaging platform with awesome avatars

BGram 8.7.2 English
BGram 8.7.2

BifToGram, an unofficial Telegram client

Facebook Messenger Kids English
Facebook Messenger Kids

Facebook's messaging app in its version for kids

TurboTel Pro 10.10.3 English
TurboTel Pro 10.10.3

A Telegram client with extra functions

RandoChat 5.0.4 English
RandoChat 5.0.4

Find random people to chat with

DirectChat 1.8.8 English
DirectChat 1.8.8

Access all your messaging apps from a single platform

Kik English

Instant messaging app that preserves user privacy

Messenger Plus 1.0 English

Messages and statistics regarding your communications

Supergram 5.7.1 English
Supergram 5.7.1

An alternative client for Telegram

Chatimity 7.3.1 English
Chatimity 7.3.1

A chat that rewards you for good behavior

AndroIRC 5.2 English

IRC client for Android

Wickr Me 6.2.7 English
Wickr Me 6.2.7

An encrypted messenger

AKA Messenger 1.5.3 English

A Telegram client with added functions

Eloelo 4.6.1 English
Eloelo 4.6.1

Video chat rooms with games

TeleGuard 1.6.1 English
TeleGuard 1.6.1

Anonymous instant messaging app

Talkie 4.0.4 English
Talkie 4.0.4

Communication between mobiles without an internet connection

Yubo 4.128.0 English
Yubo 4.128.0

Video chat app where you can meet people from all over the world

Graph Messenger T10.8.1 - P11.6.1 English
Graph Messenger T10.8.1 - P11.6.1

A Telegram with more options

Telegram blu 1.1.5 English

MOD that improves Telegram's features

PlayStation Messages English
PlayStation Messages

Talk to your PlayStation friends

Google Chat 2024.03.17.616657151 English
Google Chat 2024.03.17.616657151

Google's own version of Slack

Yahoo Messenger 2.11.1 English

Yahoo's messenger in its version for Android

twinme 23.6 English
twinme 23.6

Privacy-focused messaging and calling app

frfr 1.22 English
frfr 1.22

Receive audios with celebrity voice filters

Element 1.3.12 English
Element 1.3.12

Secure messaging platform

SafeUM English

Secure and private messaging platform

BiP 3.94.100 English
BiP 3.94.100

Multi-function chat and instant messaging app

Namaste Bharat 2.2.45211115 English
Namaste Bharat 2.2.45211115

Chat, voice, and video calling app

TamTam Messenger 2.34.12 English

Instant Messaging, Voice and Video App

Chask 1.2.11 English
Chask 1.2.11

An anonymous and random chat app

Blind2Chat English

An invisible chat system

WhatsAuto 2.71 English
WhatsAuto 2.71

Automate the replies of your instant messaging apps

Zoobe English

The revolution of instant messaging

Audify 4.4.0 English
Audify 4.4.0

Notifications read out loud

Uni Messenger 1.0.3 English

Unified chat for several social networks

Hangouts 41.0.411169071 English
Hangouts 41.0.411169071

Google's chat and video call app for Android

Jaxtr SMS 03.02.00 English
Jaxtr SMS 03.02.00

Low-cost messaging and SMS

Vidogram 3.0.5 English
Vidogram 3.0.5

Fantastic Telegram client with extra features

Pulse SMS English
Pulse SMS

Enhanced SMS and MMS management

Noteit 2.0.0 English
Noteit 2.0.0

A messaging app based on drawings and doodles

Status 1.18.0 English
Status 1.18.0

Secure messaging, private browsing, and crypto wallet, all in one

Two Way 3.0.9 English
Two Way 3.0.9

Turn smartphones into walkie-talkies

Social Messenger 18.0 English

Merge all your chats into one single app

YoYo 1.84 English
YoYo 1.84

Count your moves in a lot of voice chat rooms

Yalla English

Voice chat with a lot of friends remotely

ToTok English

Make phone calls without spending a dime

Paltalk English

Join a group chat with audio and video

TeleFive 1.0.5 English
TeleFive 1.0.5

Messagin app based on Telegram

Bolo Chat 1.4 English

Instant messaging application

Microsoft Kaizala 1.1.5611.6921 English
Microsoft Kaizala 1.1.5611.6921

Your business communications center on your mobile phone

Flipchat 1.2.6 English
Flipchat 1.2.6

TikTok's version of WhatsApp

Black Messenger 5.3.11 English

Chat and instant messaging app that share functions with Telegram

Verizon Messages 9.4.9 English

Excellent app to send SMS messages

EdenCity Chat 6.7.2 English

Meet people and chat from your phone

MiChat 1.4.387 English
MiChat 1.4.387

Chat with your contacts and make new friends

Briar 1.5.4 English
Briar 1.5.4

Anonymous and decentralized pp to chat and send messages

Marco Polo 0.407.0 English
Marco Polo 0.407.0

Communicate by means of video messages

surespot 81 English

Encrypted instant messaging

Fallout CHAT 1.1 English

Emoticons and GIFs inspired on Fallout

Quickie 2.3.0 English
Quickie 2.3.0

A fast and very expressive chat

Wire 4.6.3 English
Wire 4.6.3

A minimalist and secure messaging app

Glide 10.364.023 English
Glide 10.364.023

The most popular video messaging app

Hipe Messenger 1.4 English

The most emotional messaging

Latin Chat 9.9 English

A chat app for the Latino community

Nimbuzz Messenger 7.1.0 English

Multi-protocol communications application

Quack! Messenger 3.5.6 English

The remunerated instant messaging

TalkBox 3.0.2 English
TalkBox 3.0.2

Talk to your contacts using voice messages

eBuddy Messenger 3.6.1 English

Multiservice chat application for Android

Messenger With You 2.0.90 English

How to enjoy MSN on your smartphone

AirMessage 3.5.2 English
AirMessage 3.5.2

The perfect solution to enjoy iMessage on Android

Beeper Mini 1.2.30 English
Beeper Mini 1.2.30

The Android version of iMessage

Xattering 1.3.9 English
Xattering 1.3.9

Instant messaging app with social networking elements

StickerGo 2.0.0 English
StickerGo 2.0.0

Sticker gallery for WhatsApp and Telegram updated daily

TgSticker English

Thousands of stickers for Telegram

VK Messenger 1.215 English

Instant messaging platform with voice messages and chat

AutoResponder for Telegram 3.5.7 English

Auto-reply bot for Telegram

Rugram Messenger 8.5.1 English

Secure instant messaging platform with video calls

Messenger Home 3.2.19 English

A launcher with an SMS manager

Text Repeater 2.6 English

Text repeater and text to emoji converter

Wasavi 2.1.507 English
Wasavi 2.1.507

Program the time you want to send your messages

Mattermost 1.47.0 English
Mattermost 1.47.0

A private and secure chat

CoverMe 2.8.54 English
CoverMe 2.8.54

Truly private calls and SMS

Silence 0.16.12 English
Silence 0.16.12

Secure and private SMS

Dust English

Private messaging app

Do It Later 5.4.0 English

Task reminders and auto reply text

Rocket.Chat 4.38.0 English
Rocket.Chat 4.38.0

Communicate with other users in this cross-platform chat

Tinkovu 1.8.22 English
Tinkovu 1.8.22

App to strengthen the bonds of friendship over distance

Serval Mesh 0.93 English

Messaging without internet connection

Meshenger 4.2.8 English
Meshenger 4.2.8

Make calls and video calls without internet connection

Bridgefy 3.1.11 English
Bridgefy 3.1.11

Send messages via Bluetooth and without an internet connection

77chat 1.2.3 English
77chat 1.2.3

Hundreds of chat rooms to meet people and talk

Handcent Next SMS 9.10 English

New features and improvements for your SMS

Crew 7.14 English
Crew 7.14

Instant messaging for work environments