Some messaging apps let the user create a conversation with themselves. Such is the case of Telegram or Signal. However, WhatsApp does not have this function officially in its application. Fortunately, there are several foolproof ways to help you create a chat where only you participate.

How to create a chat with yourself in WhatsApp with the browser

The first method is to use the browser. Tap on the navigation bar and type the following URL:

Type in the URL with the phone numberType in the URL with the phone number

Obviously, you must replace "number" with your own phone number. You must include the international prefix without the plus (+)symbol. Once you have created the URL correctly, tap the Enter button on your keyboard to start navigation. You will land on a page that will let you start a chat with yourself. Check that you have entered the number correctly and press the button Continue to chat.

Start chatting with yourselfStart chatting with yourself

WhatsApp will immediately open showing a conversation. This is the chat you should use to send messages to yourself.

Aspect of a private conversationAspect of a private conversation

How to talk to yourself on WhatsApp using groups

The second way is to create a group with another contact and remove the contact from the group. This way, only you will be left and you will be able to use the group as a private conversation. Do this by tapping on the button to start conversations.

Start a new conversationStart a new conversation

Tap in New group.

Create a new groupCreate a new group

Choose a single contact to create the group.

Select contactsSelect contacts

Set the group's name.

Assign a name to the groupAssign a name to the group

With the group already created, it is time to remove the selected contact. Go to the group settings, tap on the user's avatar, and select Remove.

Remove the contact from the groupRemove the contact from the group

The next time you access the group you have just created, you will have a private conversation with yourself.

How to create a chat with yourself by adding your own phone number as a contact

Finally, we explain how to create a conversation with yourself on WhatsApp by adding your phone number to the address book. Once you have created a contact with your own phone number (including the international prefix), go to WhatsApp and start a new conversation. Open the three dots menu and tap on Contacts.

Open contactsOpen contacts

Select your own contact.

Select your own contactSelect your own contact

Finally, tap on the Message button located under the WhatsApp icon.

Start a conversation on WhatsAppStart a conversation on WhatsApp

Having a chat with yourself is useful for some specific tasks. For example, you can use the conversation to store private notes or record audio. In the same way, you have other common tools in WhatsApp, such as sending documents, images, or videos. This feature will also help you send files from your computer to your mobile phone and vice versa. Simply select the conversation you created on WhatsApp Web or your phone and upload a file. The document will be available on both devices. Do not forget that if you are performing a backup to Google Drive, everything you send yourself will be included. Thus, it is also a good way to store all kinds of information and keep it safe.