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FireChat is an instant messaging and chat application that allows you to communicate without an Internet access by creating a network between the devices


Application to chat from Android without a connection

March 26, 2020
8 / 10

Don't be fooled: if we take into account its user base and how easy it is to use, WhatsApp is probably the best chat application available. But what happens if we haven't got an Internet connection or there's no WiFi network available? Well, we wouldn't be able to send or receive messages unless we install FireChat that works without a network access.

How does FireChat, the app to chat without an Internet access, work?

It's an application developed for both Android and iOS (not yet for PC, so you'll need the APK and an emulator of the likes of BlueStacks or Andy) and that offers the user the possibility to send messages without an Internet connection. It does so by automatically connecting the phones between them, creating its own communications network.

It creates what is known as a mesh network using Bluetooth and P2P WiFi connections between connected devices that are no more than 70 meters away. This helps all the messages and data sent to jump from one phone to the other until they reach their recipient.

Make the most of this messenger in busy places or locations without an Internet access.

And although it's a very fast system to send and deliver messages, we have to admit that it isn't the most optimal in normal conditions. In other words, with an Internet connection, your messages will arrive before but we can definitely find situations in which it's useful: places that are packed with people with a deficient reception of messages, on a boat, on a plane... That's when we might be interested in using FireChat.

Main features

But its functions aren't limited to the delivery of messages and chatting. We can also make the most of other features:

  • Send messages and photos to any nearby person.
  • Send private encrypted messages that only you and the recipient can read.
  • Create chat rooms to talk about any topic and include any user of this service.
  • Use hashtags in your messages to automatically create new chat rooms.
  • Access the most popular messages of public conversations.
  • Nearby function to take part in conversations between nearby users.

Don't hesitate to download the APK and sign up as a user if you want to get your hands on a simple alternative system to WhatsApp and Telegram that you can use in any context and place.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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