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Would you like to meet new people through an original and hilarious chat app? Chudo offers you a chat with customized avatars and matching stickers

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Most of the apps in the Android text chat catalog are pretty boring. Maybe, with that in mind, the Magic Unicorn studio offers us this fun multiplatform messaging tool, so that we can chat and express ourselves through amusing and customized avatars designed in three dimensions.

Users can communicate through digital versions of themselves.

A digital version of yourself

When you start Chudo for the first time, in addition to adding your data, you must take a selfie. The app's artificial intelligence will create in a matter of seconds an avatar that looks like you (well, just the head). But do not worry, because you can edit it to your liking, changing your hairstyle, accessories, facial hair and lipstick, among other physical details.

Once you are satisfied with your avatar, choose a mood (expressed through your avatar, of course) and get ready to meet lots of new people. You can search for your friends through their pseudonyms or chat with the users recommended by the application.

Create your avatar in a second with the exclusive automated learning technology of Chudo. Then, customize the hairstyle, eyes, colors, beard, glasses, and even the makeup!

Once inside the conversation, we can write text messages and send photos. But the coolest thing about this tool is the huge amount of customized stickers that we will find to express our feelings. You can send stickers created from your own avatar, as well as stickers of your avatar and the person you are talking to. There are tons of them, and they are just amazing. On the other hand, this application also includes a function to take selfies with instant effects, similar to Instagram.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Magic Unicorn Inc.
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