How to send videos with Facebook Messenger

Video is becoming one of the main formats we use to receive information. Besides, the substantial improvement of photography sensors in mobile phones makes it possible to make high-quality videos, even in domestic environments. These are the main reasons why every day several thousand videos are shared through social networks and instant messaging apps.

Facebook Messenger lets you easily send this type of content. Now, let us tell you how to share your favorite videos with your Facebook contacts. The first thing you have to do is go to the main screen and select the contact or group you want to send the video to.

Open the conversationOpen the conversation

Use the photo icon to open the file selector.

Open the file selectorOpen the file selector

Select the video you want to send.

Choose the video you want to sendChoose the video you want to send

Tap the Send button to send the media file.

Confirm to send the fileConfirm to send the file

At this point, we must make some considerations. For example, it is possible to send more than one video simultaneously. To do this, we only need to make multiple selections of several files. They will be sent in the order we select them. On the other hand, we can share videos from any application in the system, such as the file manager. Let us tell you how you can do it below:

Open the file manager (or any other application) and select the video you want to send. Then, tap on the icon that opens the share menu.

Share a video from another applicationShare a video from another application

From the pop-up menu, select Messenger.

Share a video from Android’s share menuShare a video from Android’s share menu

Finally, choose the contact you want to send the file to and tap on Send.

Confirm to send the videoConfirm to send the video

Once this is done, the video will be sent. Although we have used the file manager as an example, it is possible to do the same from the gallery, Google Photos, and other similar apps.