How to use Stickers in Facebook Messenger

Stickers are in. This advanced version of emojis lets us express happiness, joy, sadness, anger, and tons of other moods. Facebook Messenger integrates a huge library of stickers that we can use in both individual and group conversations.

To use a sticker, open any conversation. Then, tap on the smiley face icon.

Open the sticker selectorOpen the sticker selector

Choose Stickers.

Sticker sectionSticker section

Then, choose a category. In this tutorial, we will use the Happy category as an example.

Open the Stickers categoryOpen the Stickers category

Once those graphics related to the Happy category are displayed, you can browse back and forth to see the entire contents of the package.

View more stickersView more stickers

To send any of them, tap on it. Immediately, you will see it appear in the conversation.

Sending a stickerSending a sticker

There are two functions related to stickers that we should review. On the one hand, you can access those stickers that you use regularly by tapping on the clock icon. This is very convenient for reusing the same sticker over and over again.

View recent stickersView recent stickers

On the other hand, you can add more packages by tapping on the arrow icon.

Download new packsDownload new packs

Once inside the Sticker Store, you can download any of the free packages by tapping on the blue button.

Download a new sticker packDownload a new sticker pack

After the download is completed, you will find the package in the Stickers section.

Sticker pack just downloadedSticker pack just downloaded

Although it may seem that this feature of Facebook Messenger is irrelevant, more and more users are using it. It is the perfect way to animate our conversations and faithfully express how we feel and what we think.