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Manage the maximum score playing dice with Farkle. Compete against other players while trying to get the maximum score by downloading Farkle free on your PC

Throw the dice and be the first one to reach the maximum score

March 31, 2011
8 / 10

Farkle is a dice game in which the objective is to reach the maximum score as quickly as possible. Depending on the results that you roll you will be able to increase your score by creating combinations, so as to be able to beat all your rivals.

Dice game for PC

It is possible to play Farkle both on your own, with the help of the machine, as well as against other players. At the bottom of the interface, that it has to be said, is very simple and functional, you'll find the rules for Farkle and a dialog box that will allow you to chat with the rest of the players. You'll also have the possibility to use preset expressions and sounds.

You will have the chance to modify the game speed, the sounds and size and color of the text from the game options. You'll also have access to the statistics of your game so that you can keep track of your evolution.

Download Farkle for free, throw the dice and manage to be the first player to reach the score established by creating combinations. An addictive game that has dice as its main element.

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Antony Peel