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Playing Flash games without having an Internet connection nor a browser is something the people that download Flash Player XP for free will be able to do

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Flash Player XP is a software application to open any Flash file on your computer. Thanks to the latter, you'll be able to open games without having to have an Internet connection nor a browser. So if you want to download Flash games to be able to play anywhere, Flash Player XP will allow you to launch them wherever you are.

Open any Flash file just like on the web

To open the file you will be able to search on your hard drive or search within your browser's cache for SWF files. The SWF files are those that save all kinds of contents as Flash in such a way that they can be integrated into any website, thus, Flash Player XP opens them as if they were on a website.

Thanks to Flash Player XP you'll be able to play games in Flash without connections or use applications made in Flash without having to use the browser.

All in all, if you like Flash games, applications or any kind of content created by means of this useful technology, Flash Player XP will be capable of playing it. Unfortunately, FLV video files aren't totally supported by this program, even though they use Flash technology.

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